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Pro Aviation


PRO AVIATION ranges worldwide amongst the top of professionals working in the industry of jet fuel consulting. We advise both jet fuel managers of smaller and large cap airlines to achieve a better fuel price structure and airports to set up an optimal framework structure. Furthermore, PRO AVIATION supports oil companies in conducting market analyses for the development of new profitable market entering strategies in regional aviation markets. In all years we have always kept ourselves independent in order to achieve the best result for our clients.


  • Analyses of existing local fuel structure and fuel operations
  • Advice on future strategic positioning of the airport
  • Development of long-term master plan in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Optimization of fuel supply (short-tern and long-term perspective)
  • Advice on planning & support during construction of fuel storage facilities
  • Advice on planning & support during construction phase of supply alternatives, e.g. train unloading station
  • Development of procurement strategies
  • Development of sales strategies
  • Definition of tender process guidelines
  • Advice on preparatory works of the actual tender process
  • Execution of and/or support in the execution of the actual tender, if necessary
  • Development of supporting hedging strategies
  • Forecast of oil market movements
  • Advice on day-to-day topics