Pro Aviation


PRO AVIATION CONSULT GmbH was founded in 1989 by its shareholders Austrian Bank CA Creditanstalt, Vienna and its current principal shareholder Mr. Klaus H. Bienefeld.

At the beginning of PRO AVIATION's business operations the main focus was rather on consulting small and large, national and international operating airline companies and oil companies in all jet-fuel related matters. However, in the early 1990's, when the deregulation of airports set in, a second business pillar was added to PRO AVIATION's services portfolio - the advice of airport companies primarily located in Europe. PRO AVIATION is an independent and well-experienced service provider that has been successfully in the business of consulting the aviation industry for more than 25 years. PRO AVIATION comprises a select and versatile team of specialists with exceptional skills and many years of practice in advising the industry.


The team of PRO AVIATION consists of highly-qualified business specialists. On demand and subject to the needs and requirements of all tailor-made projects, additional experienced free-lancing personnel can be recruited quickly. At presence PRO AVIATION's team consists of 12 consultants who are currently employed in various projects around the globe according to their special skill set. This structure allows us to put together an appropriate team for our clients with all advantages that come along with a company of PRO AVIATION's size: no time lags, quick response times, no administrative burdens. Thus, PRO AVIATION is in the position not only to present suitable solutions but also to assist you in implementing these which is an important element of PRO AVIATION's philosophy.

Since 1989 our client portfolio has been subsequently extended to 29 international companies.