Our Philosophy

Our unique Approach does not end where Implementation starts →

Initial Assessment

As a first step PRO AVIATION generally conducts a detailed analysis of the current structure of the client's fuel purchasing department incl. an evaluation of procedures such as physical (procurement) and financial purchase (hedging) of jet fuel.Special attention is dedicated to the analysis of the existing tender procedure and the benchmarking towards 'best practice' processes applied in the market.

Additionally, PRO AVIATION evaluates current price levels and contracted differentials and compares them to respective peer-group competitors. The results of these analyses together with PRO AVIATION's recommendations enables our clients to implement a new benchmark element as a controlling tool which is crucial for the success of our clients' jet fuel department.

Implementation - Key to Success

In a second step - in accordance with our philosophy and with support of our client's top management - PRO AVIATION usually implements these "best practices" identified in the feasibility study mentioned above. In the name and on behalf of our clients PRO AVIATION takes all necessary action and concludes all relevant agreements. PRO AVIATION would conduct all negotiations together with the responsible person assigned by the management. All steps taken are thoroughly documented in order to establish a clear and transparent documentation of all of the conducted activities. At any point in time during these processes security of supply will be ensured.

Additionally, continuously updated market information is provided to our clients ensuring that you are always up-to-date and one step ahead of your most important competitors. Furthermore, PRO AVIATION supports its client on other important issues related to the purchase of jet fuel, e.g. streamlining of internal processes, development of hedging strategies, support in budget planning, etc.

Alternatively, if requested, PRO AVIATION is also able to take over the entire jet fuel procurement processes for individual clients. Amongst others this includes all administrative procedures such as invoice monitoring, controlling, auditing, monthly pricing, etc. This kind of outsourcing is likely to lead to direct benefits and have a positive impact on the client's annual profit due to the immense decrease in fix costs. Thus, our clients are not only able to benefit from PRO AVIATION's outstanding industry experience but also to have access to that unique expertise at any time.

The many long-lasting business relationships with small and large cap companies PRO AVIATION maintains over years, we deem to regard as a solid proof of our philosophy.